What is Silk Peace Cycle about?

It’s about building a community of peace through people-to-people relations especially in regions lesser known to everyone. It’s about changing the world by changing myself. It’s about becoming a wee bit less ignorant. Because ignorance breeds uncertainty and uncertainty begets fear which instigates negative projections of others; a recipe for hostility, suspicion and eventually a precursor to war. Rather, adventure and exploration therefore education and knowledge develop open mindedness and empathy toward others leading to understanding, compassion and a more peaceful world. Achieving PEACE through 1 mile, 1 smile at a time.

Why the Silk Road?
The Silk Road is one of the oldest routes connecting the eastern and western worlds together known for trading art, spices, religion and of course, silk among other goods. This is a journey to traverse the great Silk Road to create a network of peace by exchanging something we all have no matter where we come from or who we are ….smiles. 🙂

This is an attempt to create history. To define the Silk Road in the 21st century as the route connecting the east and west together for peace.

Why smiles?

Smiles are the universal language. Trading smiles is easy, convenient and free.

Plus, I’ll never run out of stock. 🙂

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